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He performed rigorous Tapa and very hard penances for thousands of years along with meditating on Bramhas mantra and has appeased Brahma,Brahma presented himself and asked him for a boon ,Hiranyakahyapu prostrated to Bramha sung his Stotra and humbly asked that, O my lord, O best of the givers of benediction, if you will kindly grant me the benediction I desire, please let me not meet death from any of the living entities created by you. And you had accepted those curses of Brahmins,remember how Shivas Trishul killed your form of Vishwaksen where was your godliness than? His arms were many in number and in each was a weapon that struck the beholder with fear. Furthermore, give me all the mystic powers attained by long austerities and the practice of yoga, for these cannot be lost at any time. Its really laughable as you with such power which is given to you by Shiva are threatening me. Such is the greatness of Lord Shiva and his Veerbhadra Avatar. In Tantra not only Shatkarma but very strange and powerful Siddhis are gained by his true Worship,there are many dangerous methods of Sadhanas as well which can only be known and performed by True Aghoris Brahmin Tantrics ,well there are more pseudo lecherous Tanrics than the real ones,I advice that one shall not indulge in violent tantra prayog of Sharabh as it can be dangerous, but all dwij shall do worship of him through Vedic Pauranic methods which are Saumya Even the Shastra says that the one who reads this Sharabh story with devotion and specially shiva bhaktas gets abundant health ,extreme wealth physical power etc.

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Daksha Prajapati was a son of Lord Brahma and the father of many daughters, including Dakshayini or Sati.

Veerbhadra – A Fearful Avatar Of Lord Shiva

Narsimha seemed too little in front of his Terrible form. This manifestation was quite fearsome in appearance and larger than life, while also being veerbhadr powerful than all the Gods. Sharbheshwar is Gyan the knowledge which is kriya or action.


The Final Warning And you had accepted those curses of Brahmins,remember how Shivas Trishul killed your form verbhadra Vishwaksen where was your godliness than? The disease is Ego which is false and illusory, is the greatest hurdle in reaching the lord inside, when even a righteous man or Jeeva or Deva is consumed by ego as Narsimha, than the Sharabh through his Gyan,eliminates the Ego and let one reach to the real self within.

So, twirling it around his right index finger, he let loose the mighty Sudarsana and it roared into the intervening space with such tremendous momentum and acceleration that it flew cleaving the air with incandescent jets of flame spouting off tangentially from its thousand revolving teeth.

He also undid all the damage that he had caused.

He also wore a garland of skulls and carried terrible weapons. This is also very prominent in Tantra Shastras and other Agam Shastras. Both Veerabhadra and Rudrakali were born from it.


None can now stop you from punishing the wicked Daksha. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Please help improve this article by adding references to reliable secondary sourceswith multiple points of view. You were born of the body of Shiva himself to punish these evildoers; and I see that none can oppose you nor come in your way.

In the Swayamvara of Sati, Daksha invited all the devas and princes except Veerbhada.

Views Read Edit View history. Grant me that I not die within any residence or outside any residence, during the daytime or at night, nor on the ground or in the sky.

Verebhadra love life is going to look like this in based on your Zodiac Sign. This lady who is my companionand who is called Bhadrakali, hath sprung from the wrath of the goddess.

Who is there to stand equal to you in might and strength, when my invincible discus-which is capable of powdering a diamond-hard mountain – has not made a scratch on you! This article has multiple issues. Veerbyadra Predictions by date of birth. Does Contentment Hinder Growth? This page was last edited on 2 Februaryat They went to Kailasa where Shiva was discussing Sankhya Yoga with Bhagvati Mahamaya ,they prostrated to him and said, oh Par Bramha Parmatman God of all gods the creator of trinity its your benevolence veerbhadrz Bramha Visnhu Mahesh do vrerbhadra Leelas you give them power thats why they are Gods, and you are there controller nobody is above you, you are even beyond time killer of space and time.


Therefore, grant me the benediction that I too may have no rival. So Prahlad was born ,he was Lord Vishnu,s staunch devotee since child hood, veerbadra would collect his cousins and friends and perform worship of Narayan meditate on him sing his praises and chant his name.


Shiva Bhaktas and everybody shall read Puranas and so many interesting stories what men could not even imagine So that is the Itihas of ShreeSharabheshwar Mahadeva.

His arms were many in number and in each was a weapon that struck the beholder with fear. Continuing the duel, Veerabhadra showered multiple weapons of tremendous power at Vishnu who retaliated with equal might. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Sati was the youngest daughter of Daksha.

Than recieving such boon Hiranyakshyapu with inflated ego started opposing and destroying Devas Humans Munis who were propitiating to Devas. In Swarga Narada veerbhaadra to Sing praises of Vishnu his Stories eulogies etc to influence the boy in the womb ,and he was successful as those Sanskars made Prahlad a Vishnu devotee long before he veervhadra born, at the time when Kayadu was about to labour ,Narada and Devas escorted her back to her palace with dignity and respect.