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Here you will find video tutorials showing Thermoflow’s programs in action. Facilities have been included to allow by-passing the GT MASTER physical models of major equipment, if desired, and substituting user-defined functional relationships or curves instead. The scope, flexibility, and level of detail in GT PRO has been continuously growing since it was first released in ; and the version has over 4, user-adjustable inputs. What’s New in Thermoflow A walkthrough of the GT PRO program, both input and output screens, complete with voice-over narration and description of the inputs.

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This has minimized errors or oversights, all too common in large engineering models, and ensured that all modeling approximations are fully analyzed and understood before being carefully incorporated into the programs. We are pleased to enclose a major upgrade to our software suite, Version 17, with the following highlights:. Since thermoflow gt pro, Thermoflow has been the leading developer of thermal engineering design and thermoflow gt pro software for the power and cogeneration industries.

What makes it so easy to use is that most inputs are automatically created by intelligent design procedures within the program, while granting the user the flexibility to make thermooflow changes or adjustments.

A number of components were imbued with inputs to specify user-defined Emissions from combustion.

It addresses the specification of steam thefmoflow performance, designing feedwater heaters and prro, detail engineering in Off-design mode, and thermoflow gt pro macro feature, as well as various useful features and considerations that are often thermoflow gt pro.


What’s New in Thermoflow Its comprehensive software suite is the most mature and widely-used of its genre in the world, with over seven million runs per year. An SCR for conventional boilers was included and is located on this tab. Adding A Heat Recovery Boiler.

Basic concepts are introduced through the construction of an open cycle gas turbine plant. The user inputs design criteria, starting with the big picture and progressing in a logical sequence into greater details.

Repeat business indicates customer ggt. The gas turbine data base, used by the various Thermoflow products was updated, as shown below. This is especially true in predictive off-design simulation of components and systems, where unsatisfactory modeling techniques can remain undetected by the typical user for years.

Thermoflow Overview

Engines added to the database RR B The new gasification components are listed below:. Thermoflow Version 27 – What’s New. Six additional South African thermoflow gt pro specs were added. In each case, all the user had to do was enter about a dozen key, high-level selections and inputs from amongst the thousands available in GT PRO; then leave the automatic logic built into GT PRO to deal with the rest of the design creation process.

Features needed to model brown-coal boilers are now available. These videos are organized by program, so follow the links below to the individual program’s page.


Gr of our introductory videoseries. This change will not affect heat balance results. A walkthrough of the GT PRO program, both input and output screens, complete with voice-over narration and description of the inputs. These are intended to familiarize the user with the program interfaces. For any option it creates, it also computes fuel demand curves across a range of loads and ambient.


An overview of how to incorporate PEACE components into your model, the difference between obtaining component size vs. Syngas enthalpy functions were improved in the temperature range — F, — C. Exergy analysis for the combined cycle, gas turbine, HRSG, steam turbine and cooling system is reported for each run. This more detailed model allows specification thermoflow gt pro fuel delivery condition after the pulverizer and determines primary air heating and heater bypass flows accordingly.

The database presently includes over different engine specs.

Modelling Solar Thermal Systems. Explains the difference between Design and Off-Design mode and how each mode affects components. ByThermoflow had invested overman-hours of technical excellence in the thefmoflow of the software products; which are now in Version 27, thirty years after the initial launch of GT PRO.