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Oh, come on, Nora. What are you doing? How else are you gonna get inside? For a lost cause? Or maybe this is all a setup.

revolution s01e18

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Revolution s01e18 Episode Script

We can’t win, okay? Look, this is what I tried to warn you.

Sometimes, I’d get a little jealous of the things he had. You heard what this bitch pulled yesterday? You know, it’s it’s not easy strolling a prisoner out of a militia black site. But you knew that, right? I tried to be nice. You ruined my life.

Revolution S01E18 HUN

Um, I’ll meet you back at base. How else are you gonna get inside?

What do you think you’re doing? How’s anyone living out here? I mean, unless you were one of them. Not sure I could’ve done that. Well, I’m not great, but I can fly it. Or is it Nate? What if you did it?


revolution s01e18

And I would love to hear why you haven’t told me about this rsvolution. He is down there right now. What the hell are you talking about? No, but we’re about to find out.

revolution s01e18

First time for everything, right? So how are we gonna get to that door now? You’re gonna take us there. Were they from a tribe? So we’re stuck here.

Revolution S01E18 HUN, revolution – Videa

We’ll be there soon. For a lost cause? It goes down half a mile.

revolution s01e18

What do I have to do with any of this? A good g no, I’m not a good guy.

Revolution s01e18 Episode Script | SS

I don’t think so. Even your sweet, little niece of yours. So what do you say? I don’t believe you.

What’s with the “X”?