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A deep chasm in the middle can be descended via a long wooden ramp, revealing another house and an entrance to an Ayleid ruin. If one release him, he will skulk off to proceed with his assassination; the Hero are likely to cross paths with him again later and he may help by killing off a few enemies. Another option is to sneak over to the champion, steal the heart, back off from the two and eat it. The target here is the Forgemaster. After installation of the plug-in: Your target here is the Forgemaster. When you grab the Razor, the back wall drops out revealing a door to the Forgotten Tunnels.

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To find the Forgemaster the Hero will need to head back to Sundercliff Village and cross to the east oblivion mehrunes razor of the main cave, where the door to Sundercliff Forge is. They seem to indicate that by eating the heart of Dagon’s champion, I’ll be allowed to retrieve the Razor. Worn by The Forgemaster in Sundercliff Forge.

Two lead to Cava Arpeniawhich is just a small, optional, side area with more vampires, a dead Drothmeri veteran, and one Ayleid cask. Backtracking to the east of the door to Cava Beldameld you will find a chest and an Ayleid cask with some gold and other loot.

Fortify Marksman 10 oblivion mehrunes razor Detect Life ft. Fortify Acrobatics 3pts Fortify Sneak 3pts. Fortify Speed 4pts Feather 60pts.

One option is to force open the gate leading to mshrunes Razor; if your strength is greater than 90, the gate will open.

Unearthing Mehrunes’ Razor | Elder Scrolls | FANDOM powered by Wikia

However, in most cases you are not guaranteed to receive the best possible item for your level. The commune has two entrances, both on the west side of the main cave, one on the upper level, and one on the lower level. I’ve entered Sundercliff Watch, and can begin my search for Oblivion mehrunes razor Razor. I’ve entered the Nefarivigum and read Drothan’s notes. I’ve found a second bezoar and suspect that I can now dispel the enchanted barrier on Varsa Baalim’s mehunes.


This is at last the Nefarivigum, which based on Drothan’s journals was his destination and the location of Mehrunes Razor.

Fortify Luck 4pts Fortify Security 5pts. After installing the plug-in you will receive a new quest, indicating that you have heard rumors about Mehrunes Razor being uncovered and that you should check it out. Frathen Drothan is dead, and with him dies any threat the Drothmeri Army may have posed to the Empire. The most unusual aspect of this dagger, however, is the Daedric Banishing enchantment, which has oblivion mehrunes razor chance of oblivjon killing its target.

Mehrunes’ Razor (Plug-in)

Fortify Acrobatics 15pts Fortify Sneak 15pts. You may prefer to just kill him and acquire his enchanted armor, which has various unique and powerful enchantments, as detailed on this page.

The destination is the door to Cava Marspanga where another group of Drothmeri and vampires are battling along with a dead Drothmeri veteran.

If he hasn’t seen you, sneak over to his bedroll and read his field journal to find out what he’s learned about retrieving the Razor. There are a few ways events can play out at this point. If you let him go he will end up outside of the Inn of Ill Omenfound during olivion Dark Brotherhood initiation quest. Having accomplished your goal of finding the second bezoar, you oblivion mehrunes razor now return to Sundercliff Village via a shortcut passageway in the northwest corner of the forge; pull the rope to oblivion mehrunes razor the rock wall.


Some are the familiar Drothmeri soldiers, but you will also find many Khajiit and Argonian laborers, who like to fight with rakes and hoes. Regardless of which method you choose, proceed through the door, and pick up the Razor. Worn by Frathen Drothanin the Nefarivigum. If the armor is of the level you want, simply reload the newest save, and play normally. On the body of the Morag Tong Assassin. The various parts of the upper level are connected by narrow walkways; continue to the northeast corner where one will find a small passageway that leads back to the Oblivion mehrunes razor watch out for rockfalls!

As an alternative to this method, players with sufficient acrobatics skills will be able to leap onto a halved pillar, then vault mwhrunes a nearby wall, allowing quick and easy entry to the Raaor without having to clean out two caverns first.

Drothan’s journal said that the enchanted bezoars were gazor to his two lieutenants, the Drothmeri Commander and The Forgemaster. The other option is to take the Beating Heart from the champion’s chest and eat it, upon which you will gain four Infamy points and contract the oblivion mehrunes razor Porphyric Hemophilia and Cannibal’s Prion. I’ve recovered Mehrunes Razor, a potent daedric dagger which has a chance to instantly destroy an opponent.