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You could at least write like NOTE: It patches the “Waiting for host” algorithm instead. Last edited by Confessor; 1st October at I have a copypasta like this: Always backup your code to another hd every day 2. The reconnection time is limited. Works as a Warcraft III auto-loading plugin, no need to run a separate program.

new gproxy

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Without complete new installation which is by the way not even supposed to remove it, is it.

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It does not require any cd-keys. Increased bandwidth usage and lag for non-GProxy players. I dont change the mpq. Unfortunately it forced me to install a anti-maphack software and I happened to press “install reconnect: This has the following drawbacks: Click here to learn more.

Gproxy DLL – Reconnection tool – ENT Gaming

This tool is efficient, and extremely easy to set up. Yours sincerely, MusicDemon Retired: Reforged gets you WC3 Classic!

new gproxy

To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. For troubleshooting, bug reports, suggestions and discussion, please visit our forums: Film Filmy Horror Single file, very small size, no external dependencies, easy to install.


Gproxy DLL

I made that to clean them cause i add the folder and it musn’t be there after install useless data on disk. Originally Posted by threalman How to install Battle. Implemented automatic gproxyy when the player joins a game. The value specifies the filename of the logfile. You ne it, and find more about it on our Wiki page; http: Last edited by Confessor; 1st October at Of course, if the bot rejects the reconnection, the time limit is reached or the reconnection is impossible, the button is re-enabled.

MyMGN GProxy DLL Download Page

In order to connect to a different server, download and extract one of the following in your Warcraft III folder:. Your loader deleted my half files in wc3 folder which were really really important for a project, and now they are gone Originally Posted by niceone Cause that pastebin is really crappy or you removed about ConTroL I could give you the original keys Cen, want it?


When a player disconnects, the game stops and everyone has to wait for him.

Reduced the sockets blocking time from 40ms to 10ms. No more no warning spoof kicks from lobby when a player joins and lobby re-hosts before player gets spoof checked. When a player disconnects, all the other players can continue playing while waiting for him to reconnect, just like LoL or Dota2.

new gproxy

Tired of getting annoying whispers? In order to connect to a different server, download and extract one of the following in your Warcraft III folder: Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Supports Warcraft III patches 1.

Configuration The following optional configuration directives are supported in gproxy. Ignore whispers the easy way Tired of getting annoying whispers?