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When printing from a Drawing, you no longer have to zoom to extents first. Thereby making it highly customisable if combined with a choice list on a survey logger. Coupled with the Duplicate points checks, allows points to be generated from Crosses that have been exploded into two crossing lines. Used mainly when digitising floor plans from point clouds, when the data needs to be finished off in CAD. CAD can be imported into its own folders and used as backcloth’s to generate coordinates for setting out. Very useful for quickly inserting corners when digitising floor plans.

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We call this duality of display and edit. Building elevation surveys are created by flipping the Y and Z coordinate axes, after rotating about a baseline. If you move or delete n4cr point then anything attached to this point will be similarly affected – n4ce through to the spreadsheet display if the edit is done in n4ce or visa versa.

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. CAD curves can now be extended to objects. Thereby making it highly customisable n4ce combined with a choice list on a survey logger. Now only 3 points are required for a full transform and rotation in 3D, but no Scaling is added. New option to create a parallel string and indicate a piece of CAD text to set n4ec level.


Recommend our software to your friends and colleagues! New option to remember n4ce direction multiple parallels need to be created.

A Code Table converts then your survey codes into graphical features. N4ce export to Pavers has been improved. You n4de have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Last used CSV filters are now remembered. Double click Models or CAD drawings when backclothing to select n4ce deselect them. Thus enabling the same image to be inserted in any generic CAD system locking to the n4ce and so detailed up in a 3rd party CAD package of your choosing. The DTM N4ce tool has been rewritten and massively improved.

A short list n44ce almost 30 are detailed below. The lookup table will then translate this into a feature with its own type, style, colour, layer and if appropriate size. Please do take the time to peruse this list.

n4ce Survey

As usual, this update contains lots of new features and n4ce. Double click the Code item of annotation in the Section plot n4ce to enable it. So it must have valid start and end levels. Follow the instructions below to enter!


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N4cs graphics screens can be shown simultaneously with editing in one screen n4ce seen in others. The first 5 correct entries will receive a Christmas Hamper, full of goodies!

Monday 17th December – 9am to 5. Luxury Hamper or Amazon Gift Card up n4ce grabs! At the heart of n4ce is a Code Table, which converts your survey into graphical elements. Please ensure you select the correct one.

Opti-cal Survey Equipment – n4ce Survey

n4ce Curving n4cee Leica Captivate is now read with a discontinuity at the start and ends. To see the full N4ce Notes pdf document, use this Dropbox link: A backcloth facility allows you to register certain data folders with other data type, including Aerial photography.

A twin screen setup is highly recommended. Each surveyed point will be assigned a point code, like BD for building or TR for a tree.