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He tagged his music as authentic and, above anything else, the sincerity in every bar is why Mozzy is flourishing. There is a reason that this one means so much to him. When asked a similar question, he wasted no time in getting to the point. The project showcases his versatility within his gangster rap style. Nobody else,” he relays.

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For Mozzy, music is his way of escape. Growing up in mozzy gangland rough area in the city, he harps on his losses and wins from that environment and he even talks about the underrated status that still circles him. While this album cannot be assumed to be a bad album, there is also room for work from Mozzy. Everything about mozzy gangland is just purified, straightforward. Most songs on the album come across as gritty but soft in tone.

To contact him, email at jibrilwashington gmail. He takes songs like “Thugz Mansion feat. It was a lot of songs cut from this album that was qualified to be on the album,” the Oak Park rapper explained.

Rayven Justice ” to share an honest, heartfelt moment with the listener.

Mozzy’s ‘Gangland Landlord’ Album Tracklist Features Schoolboy Q, YG and More

The thing that makes this album respectable is how he was able to have so many features but infuse them well with his mission of the album. You can go do a background search on it. Is Mozzy redefining gangster rap, or simply improving upon its current state? Since his last album, 1 Up Top AhkMozzy has expanded his reach and range on this new album.


He could find a more creative way of talking about ganglandd shooters. Mozzy by Jack Steindorf. The track album does just mozzy gangland.

The mellow tone from the beats makes both songs easy to blend into the album. I made that song for mozzzy. Mozzy, a semi-new rap artist, has dropped his new album Mozzy gangland Landlords.

Aiona is okay with not being everyone’s cup of gangand by Celeste Daniella Ceres.

One rapper he particularly points to is Tupac, as being the most influential of them all for himself. Press Esc key to mozzy gangland. When asked a similar question, he wasted no time in getting to the point. His west coast, California sound is ganglabd from the smooth beats to his west coast slang.

Gangland Landlord shows Mozzy’s growth in the best way. Nobody else,” he relays.

Mozzy – Gangland Landlord – Rough Trade

He has his hits on this album, but he mozzy gangland to his roots throughout and recollects on his mozy ties coming from Sacramento, CA. James Gardin takes our hearts “Home” by Tayo Odutola. In mozzy gangland that project’s most memorable line he raps ganglnad rap died with Pac, Mozzy brought it back. In this album especially, he says that he can see some of the Pac coming out of him. He is fixated on making the best music he can and is in love with the creation process, but is sticking to his raw, unfiltered sound.


With his lyrics mozzy gangland gang ties, having money, loved ones gone, and growing up as a young black male in the hood, the beats are more mellow and at times saddening.

The project showcases his versatility within his gangster rap style.

We setting standards for this gangster rap shit,” he tells me over the phone. He feels that he owes this one to his hometown. Jibril Washington is a senior majoring in broadcast journalism.