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Published on 23 February It will be entirely in Sinhala language with the exception of 2 English songs and will consist of 14 tracks. Meena Dasa Asha Ashanthi. I want the album to be an inspiration to other artists such as myself. Samith Sirimanna Saba Adare.

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Meena Dasa Asha – Various Artists

I want the album to be an inspiration to other artists such as myself. Meena dasa asha Top rating Sinhala mp3. A host of Information on the artiste and zsha otherwise inaccessible are available to fans from Ashanthi s Official Website: Suggested Songs Top rating sinhala mp3 and sinhala videos. There is so much untapped talent out there. It will be a never-ending series of concerts, tours and promotional activity she says.

Chords for Meena Dasa Asha -Ashanthi, Bathiya,Santhush, Randheer, Dushyanth From

She confesses that the creative process behind the album has been one of the biggest journeys she s had to take. Vihangun Se Nirosh Anjula. Hemi Hemin Dumal Warnakulasuriya. Although the album is targeted to the local market, it is one with global appeal with meena dasa asha musicians being featured. With production powerhouses such as Bathiya Jayakody, Mahesh Denipitiyiya,the Ranganathan brothers [Shyamalangan and Sarangan] behind the mixing desk and Eranga Jayawansa creating beats and SFX for the album, future prospects for the album certainly look promising.


Meena Dasa Asha – Ashanthi De Alwis

My main aim is to cater to fans from all backgrounds. Maintaining mass-market appeal has also been a learning experience for the young diva. Adaren Sathapaa Hiran Hapuarachchi. Meena Dasa Asha Ashanthi.

The writers were specifically hand picked from the cream of the cropin order to handle each song with an individually unique approach. I want the album to be like someone s favourite t-shirt – an album that you feel at home with, a soundtrack to life of sorts. Published on 23 February It s an meena dasa asha time for Ashanthi de Alwis who is to release her debut solo album. Siri Parakum Movie Pipi Kusuma. Imesh Gunasekara Mama Adare Karata. Mage Nethu Laga Prabath Nishantha.

Composing lyrics that are memorable, forming a concept for a song and basically creating the right chemistry has honestly been the biggest but most enjoyable hurdle for me. Ashanthi s intentions for her album are hardly fame-driven. Ridawa Sanasenna Samith Jayage. Hinehenna Aye Indika Roshan. The six months following the release of her album are set to be very hectic. All this said, there is no doubt that her fans will wait in anticipation for the diva s [and Sri Lanka s] first ever female Ethnic RnB album in October Ashanthi s musical roots lie in Classical, Operatic, Broadway and Gospel for which she began training at the meena dasa asha age of 9.


The challenges of producing her album have been plentiful claims Ashanthi. Yanna Meea Viduranga Deeptha Kumara. Kaurunda Nuba Mage Dilshan n Binari. However for an artist with eyes on making it internationally, such a workload is par for the course she confesses.

Get Lyrics,Guitar Codes and Thougts. The album is a fresh perspective on life and love says the sultry RnB singer.