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These two images represent the images that were printed on 40 X 30 inch pieces of acrylic. The brushes are made out of synthetic bio-strand fibers and are incredibly soft. January 31, – 9: Form submitted successfully, thank you. Battle of the Strands, Part 1 Sunday, March 24, This first image was my favorite….

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It would be fun to self publish a little book some day. My friend Pat and I took a couple more trips east.

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It has been pretty fun mdsolids 3.5 crack a little challenging doing product photography on location. I really fell in love with shooting and the process of making panoramics. Posted in Architectural photographer DenverCommercial photographer colorado Tags: To get the last images, my camera was about ten inches away from a laser welder, shoved though a safety hatch where hot oil was flying all over and put inside another machine where shards of metal was were bouncing off my lens.

Here are the three images that made the final cut… After the images were selected, mdsolisd client wanted to see what they would look like in their meeting area. Wonderful product photography too! They work great for banners or mast heads on websites. After hanging out with these folks all day, I think I rather go to the dentist too.


Katrina – These brushes look amaziing! Crakc two images represent the images mdsolids 3.5 crack were printed on 40 X 30 inch pieces of acrylic.

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All the material was for their new website at www. The shot list consisted of portraits, facility shot, studio table top, individual machines and fine art shots of the manufacturing processes. I had an editorial shoot up in Breckenridge a couple weeks ago featuring Mdsolids 3.5 crack who started her own franchise, Snagglefootwhile commuting back and forth from Colorado to Chicago to finish her MBA.

My passion in photography is creating images of people on location. Another fun aspect of the pans is that when you shoot with a wide angle lens and you are close to your subject, you get this great distortions.

The last shoot focused on mechanics and drivers. Posted in Uncategorized Tags: I just liked how the medical instruments looked….

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Here are some images that we have shot out on location and in the studio. Here are some images from three separate shoots for RTD.

I have been working with Kari Kisch for close to ten years now. Instead of waiting for the print to slowly develop in the tray, I plug all the data into my computer and wait for the 5 or 6 images to render into a single image.


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Snagglefoot Monday, November 5, The brushes are made out of synthetic bio-strand fibers and are incredibly soft. A few months ago, I went out on the eastern plains with the purpose to just shoot some new images and have a little fun cruising down the endless dirt roads that see virtually crck traffic. By the time Kari done working on her mdsolivs, they are happy, relaxed and ready to be photographed. I had an interesting time trying to capture photos at Mountainside Medical.

Click on them to mdsolids 3.5 crack them big…. Thanks again for visiting, come mdsolids 3.5 crack often and hopefully I will be faithful to the true spirit of the blog and have interesting images and cgack to share. January 31, – 9: Error submitting form, please try again.

Tuesday, October 9, They were a fun group to shoot.