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New laws have been passed in NY effective December 12th that will require the used of single use prepackaged ink cups instead of the usual disposable ink caps. The techniques discussed apply to coil and rotary machines as well. Most drug use is self medication, and now you get to add addiction to the insecurities that lead you down the dark path. This feature has been a breakthrough for the participants over the last 5 years. What I need to start doing and how I need to apply myself.

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I was introduced to Chad Sinkhorn years ago by Scot Winskye. He also showed me some new things that I could apply to future tattoos. I can tell you from years or personal experience and observation that competition in the arts leads to resentment, anger and fear.

Keith Ciaramello’s Keep It Real Volume 1,2&3 combo pack Tattoo Education :

As a young man I believed to be successful in business and in life you needed to crush your competition. There are many amazing artists but few who can educate effectively. These single-use inks, are impractical and unnecessary, since standard precautions are designed to eliminate keitn possibility of cross-contamination.

Website powered by TattooNOW. The dopamine rush of internet likes and compliments is immediate and gratifying. He constantly strives coaramello pull the best art out of young up-and-coming artists, as he does the same for himself, and his art.


This informational video is designed for consumers and manufacturers alike. Hope all is well. Unfortunately, with my mind set on competition, I spent most of my waking hours focused on what everyone else was doing. He is an outstanding educator because he knows his craft and he knows the makeup and personality types through all layers of the tattoo industry, both artists and customers.

Now viewing products View All Products. What happened to the great thinkers and doers in our generation?

Keith Ciaramello’s Keep It Real Volume 2

After becoming disenchanted with the nature of Hollywood projects, Chet made a decision to bring his creepy creativity to the fine art world. It’s meant for tattooists who already have a solid foundation of basic technique and are looking to take their realism work to the next level.

The large image is ciaramlelo a layer on top with a quick airbrush pass to knock those values back. Art, tattooing, business management, employee issues, employer issues… I will do my best to help you though anything rexl ask during these calls.

Please email me with any questions or concerns, and take the time to read information and testimonials below. So why do most people shy away from creativity and choose the path of competition? I look forward to helping you make real progress. It shows pretty much the entire tattoo process over the course of 4 hours on 2 DVDs, with the whole procedure described in detail. Volume 1 focuses on straightforward color portraits, keith ciaramello keep it real 2 Volume 2 demonstrates portraiture in black and gray.


I went from shop to shop asking for an apprenticeship and everyone laughed at me. I am a self taught tattoo artist. Getting to know Chet during this conversation reinforced my belief that he is truly a warm, compassionate, and loving human being. Flash forward 23 years later, and an opportunity came up to take the Tattoo Mentor program.

Keith Ciaramello’s Keep It Real Volume 1,2&3 combo pack

This feature has been a breakthrough for the participants over the last 5 years. Now with Volume 3 he offers an insightful glimpse into pet portraiture, which has recently become a popular- and sometimes surprisingly striking- xiaramello motif.

Pins are sequentially numbered with laser engraving on the back. Happy Holidays from Tattoo Education! Ebook version of my Summer Sketchbook is up Now! I knew this was my opportunity to learn some much needed skills. Our dollar chasing, star fucking culture has produced people who think they are what they DO. None of us are perfect. It should communicate thoughts, emotions and opinions.