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Hello, how can i edit the image on a video and change the face of the image to another image. Read our privacy policy. Click to load comments. You can do it with a separate tool. The program supports a single file format type, namely FLV.

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JellyCam V4

Thanks for a very interesting article. Read our privacy policy. Stop motion is an animation technique that enables you to make a physically manipulated object to appear to move on its own.

As mentioned, you may create movies by turning on the webcam, filming or loading images. You may edit the movies at any time and watch them to see exactly how they progressed and jellycam v4 it requires any modifications. I made some stop motion movies in jellycam v4 some 20 years ago and always looked around for a tool or software to do something like that jellgcam modern techniques.

But in general, you can’t use JellyCam for any sort of image editing. If you’re trying to edit the image, you’d need an image editor, you can’t do it with JellyCam. Your email address will not be published.

I’ll see to it that it’s fixed. Hope you have fun with it. Just a point I think worth mentioning for the future.


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You can also control the speed i. The created frames can be duplicated or reversed to create certain effects. It updates according to the pictures you add and you can play it after each addition. Email Jellycam v4 Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. This is a really easy way to make a movie if you want to stand far away from the computer or jellycam v4 like me you have a built-in webcam in your laptop and you can barely see the screen when its pointing to the table.

As I jellycxm earlier, JellyCam is simple.

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The changes you make will be updated immediately in the movie frame above. Now I get the ability to create stuff again with no big investment using my DSLR and the tools mentioned in this post.

Anyway, my thanks again for bringing this little gem to our attention. You can drag and drop multiple pictures at once. Social Media WhatsApp Web: One thing though, correct me if I am wrong, but there is no link anywhere above to the software in question. What JellyCam can do for you is turn a series of pictures into a movie.

May 28th, Freeware. JellyCam is a small program that enables users to make stop-motion films with the help of a web-cam or even a bunch of photos. The program supports a single file format type, namely FLV. The app has a simple interface that should be easy to figure out by all users. All jellycam v4 all, JellyCam is a nice tool that can be quite useful to those who like this type jellycam v4 animation movies.


Glad jellycam v4 liked it! You can then either drag and drop pictures into the frame or browse for pictures.

How To Create A Stop-Motion Film In 5 Minutes With JellyCam [Windows]

This is also very handy — when you choose this option, the last picture that was taken will stay on the screen so you can arrange the next picture accordingly. As you can see in the screenshot jellycam v4, the live webcam image is a bit transparent and you can see through it to the last picture in the set.

The files can be saved as JellyCam projects or converted to video files.