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Single Console with a Router or Access Point Some systems do not transmit lighting levels over the network. The switch will provide access to the network while not placing the router in-line. Launch the aRFR application on your device. Press the [Back] button on your device to exit to the next field. The first time you use the iRFR app, you will need to provide at least one console to connect to by clicking on “Add Console”.

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In the Notes display, clicking the Copy Note Text button will copy the text from the selected note to the clipboard.

The active cue is centered. Everytime a bta moves past the orange needle is one tick. Security controls prevent un-authorized access to a lighting system.

One console in the system should be configured to hand out IP addresses to other devices in the system. Playback This display is always centered on the current cue, and allows urfr playback control.


If a connection is made, it goes straight into the Irfr bts RFR screen. If you want to change the parameter value more rapidly, pinch the lines closer together. At this time, notes are saved on your iPad device and not transmitted to the console. Newer consoles in the Eos and Cobalt Families have two network ports available for use.


Here you will find a link to the charity’s website, a link to the iRFR Wiki what you are bta nowirfr bts the version of your iRFR app. This application requires Eos family software 2. If you have multiple consoles and no Net3 Conductor appliance, we recommend choosing the btss assigned irfr bts Primary for Eos Family devices or Server for Congo and Cobalt Family devices.

If you are running version 2. You can also press the button to enter the absolute parameter value manually: On the iPad, you can touch any cue bubble to add btw note. Those notes can then be copied to a text file and emailed as needed. Instead, we offer these guidelines for configuration. This may decrease battery life. Launch the aRFR application on your device. The cue bubbles are color coded as follows: The current color for the first selected channel is displayed by a small rotating indicator.

iRFR – BTS by Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc.

irfr bts Press Connect to establish vts connection with orfr console. Note that access points will typically irfr bts up transmitting all multicast or broadcast information on the network.

If two switch ports are not available next to the console, ETC recommends installing a small unmanaged switch between the console, wall port, and router. To turn the encoder wheels, simply drag with your finger. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Then press Welcome to return to the Main Menu.


iRFR – BTS Free Download

As wireless networking hardware changes frequently, we do not recommend a particular model irfr bts router or access point. Instead it remains locked on the chosen layout, and you will see a small padlock icon indicating that the lock is enabled.

It does not support remote patching and system configuration. You can manage all Notes by clicking on the Notes button in irrf top right toolbar.

How to Set Up Your Wireless Network for iRFR or aRFR

You will now see a list of all irfr bts consoles you can choose to connect to. Above it are the previous 3 cues, and below it you will find the next 3 cues. Using the Virtual RFR 1. Connect the access point to your core switch in the system.