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Think I’m going to save for Trillian. Little off topic but, Is it my computer or is it ReaPitch that wont let me play in real-time. Should I try a kontakt library that contains a bass or can I use some trick to play my guitar as a bass? I generally play bass on a real bass for the tracks that need it too but I also have a couple of the Scarbee basses for Kontakt that came with Komplete 8 and they sound pretty convincing, especially if you’re any good on keys. Find More Posts by Lokasenna. Find More Posts by Ganaud.

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Find More Posts by Sid Chip. Mac, PC, and PC bit. I use EVM Bassline.

Fvm today, I made my music with Trilogy Bass, a professional vst paid. Sits great in a mix and has a few bass types. Is there another section of the forum where that post might be located?


Basslinr then use the acoustic recoding like a room drum mic. Sounded pretty good considering how it was done. Thanks all for the great advice. I recommend Ample Metal Ray Send a private message to OpIvy.


A top quality bass machine. Any shitty second hand bass you can get your hands on is going to sound 10x better than any evm bassline vst or synth. Iridium Iris out of business?

EVM Ultrasonique Free VST instrument

Find More Posts by Stratmangler. Find More Posts by Tod. Fri Aug 29, 5: It’ll sound better, save you a ton of work and you’ll learn a new instrument.

Experiment with different pickup selection. Need evm bassline vst bawsline the plugins later today. So I either draw drums, play them via MIDI drums, or use drum replacement, so that I can access professionally recorded drums.

Originally Posted by adaragray. Relying entirely on software to shift the octave can get messy with artifacts and quantization noise.

Originally Posted by jimmey Little off topic but, Is it my computer or is it ReaPitch that wont let me play in real-time. Find More Posts by Lokasenna. Even if you do learn to play it, complete with articulations most sample libraries of this calibre have a section evm bassline vst the keyboard set aside for controlling articulations in real timeit’s still going to be much easier than learning to play an entire other instrument, assuming you can already play keys.


Download Free WaveSample Bass plug-in: Bassline II by EVM Synths

evm bassline vst Pretty sure it’ll work, evm bassline vst. Find More Posts by Ganaud. Some cheap basses get very good reviews.

Sure you could use pitch shift in the Basslnie as well, but those are not much fun to play in real time artifacts and latencywith a bass or good analog octave pedal you can record your ideas in real time and hear what they sound like straight away, and also jam out new ideas.

Yes, it takes skill to use these things well, but that was never in question. Find More Posts by TheMaartian. I think it is on sale now too http: Sounds normal, no buzzing, and not difficult to implement. I listened to a badsline of bazsline selections offered here and my personal opinion.