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You mind if we come in,zack? Teegan’s ho pad will have to wait till tomorrow night. You sleazy piece of shit! No,not a name I’d choose. I was yelling at you to hold the elevator,ass-wipe. It’s just that my– my fuse is so short Ever since oscar. This doesn’t look good,javier.

dexter s03e02

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I’ll give you a kidney not s0e02. Oh,yeah,I’ve seen him before. You two wait here. I promised rita I’d be back in an hour. Did you hear what I said? So see what you see again. Is this you being subtle again? Any idea what your sister found?

Ramos,reach out to street patrol.

Dexter s03e02 Episode Script

I have to practice! You want me to put you at unease? I got the best forensics team– Morgan,right?

You killed those girls in the everglades, And you got away with it on a bad warrant. Is there a chance?


Who did her hair? Goofs In the scene where Dexter is driving to Teegan’s place, the rear view mirror in the car changes between shots from a modern type with automatic dimmer, to an old fashioned with manual dimmer.

Dexter S03E02 – Finding Freebo – video dailymotion

What the hell is this?! He’s a lieutenant with the sheriff’s department. If you wear him out or blow his cover– I know how to work a c.

You couldn’t picture this,could you? Body dumped near the waterfront stroll. I’ve messed up a lot.

dexter s03e02

It’s a valuable lot. Sylvia Prado Natalie Garza She doesn’t even know what she’s talking about. You are my last-ditch ass-fucked effort! Teegan’s ho pad will have to wait till tomorrow night.

“Dexter” Finding Freebo (TV Episode ) – IMDb

If it hadn’t been for freebo, Oscar would still be alive, And I wouldn’t be in this mess. Drove a volkswagen rabbit. What should we do? We’re gonna be working late on this. Need all the luck I can get. I never really got to thank you for,uh, Coming to oscar’s wake.


Finding Freebo

Sometimes lists are easier for me. He wants dwxter find the man before his sister does or before ADA Miguel Prado, who has revenge on his mind. I’ll be back before you know it.

dexter s03e02

Oh,I think she does, And I think you fucked a girl who’s now dead.