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burning of teldrassil

Even if we assume Sylvanas is playing three-dimensional chess, she had already won the game before sabotaging her own pieces. Fans quickly pointed the finger at Sylvanas , leader of the Undead and current Warchief of the Horde. At the Den, Sylvanas remarked that the wisps were scattering, one by one the wall came crashing down. When Sylvanas gave Nathanos and Saurfang the orders to secure the beach and prepare to invade Teldrassil, she noticed a gravely wounded Delaryn Summermoon, who then explained that only innocents remained in Teldrassil and that Sylvanas’s war was one of hatred and rage. She rode to Zoram’gar and met with Saurfang and Blightcaller, who had arrived with the Horde army. Not only is this yet another example of the Night Elves getting shafted, but players wanted to know why and how this could happen.

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She told the Banshee Queen that she could never win, for she could not kill hope. Many Sentinels were brought down, and he personally took out Captain Alennah Starsong. Captain Summermoon collected nearby night elf corpses and placed them in Astranaarmasking their wounds to make them look as if a battle had taken place in Astranaar, before hiding around the town to ambush the Horde forces.

Saurfang was buried in the inn’s collapsing rubble while Warchief Sylvanas rallied the Horde forces to route the night elves. She sent the champion to Lor’danelwhere they met with Saurfang. Survivors from Teldrassil were evacuated to both Stormwind City and Azuremyst Isle as refugees, [2] while overall night elven power on Kalimdor was severely reduced.


Innkeeper Duras gathered every resource available so the army would want for nothing, and the weaponsmith Dagrun Ragehammer stood at the ready to repair the soldiers’ weapons. Not only is this yet another example of the Night Elves getting shafted, but players wanted to know why and how this could happen. As the Horde army tried to get into a defensive formation, Malfurion made himself visible in the forest so that he could pick off the clusters of Horde soldiers foolish enough to pursue him.

Malfurion ordered Delaryn to find any defenders she could rally at Lor’danel. Captain Delaryn Summermoon then arrived with dire news. Malfurion sent adventurers to put a stop to it, while Sylvanas sent adventurers to repel the night elves and secure the oil. Malfurion was beckoning the aid of his ancestors. The furbolgs had been driven into a hysteria, and with their enemies pouring in from the north, the threat the creatures represented was a nuisance that couldn’t be afforded.

Malfurion would have never let Lor’danel fall without a fight.

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Since Sylvanas sought to engage Malfurion, he planned to give her what she wanted. The tree itself is gargantuan, with several townsan ecosystemand even a capitol city.

Burniing in the video above. Both forces tried to deal with each threat. While she brought more forces past the wisp wall, the champion slaughtered the furbolg and raised up banners of the Horde to assert the faction’s dominance. But for every foe slain, two more took their place.


War of the Thorns

Who will the Orcs side with? Sylvanas failed to realize that, in her attempt to demoralize The Alliance, she might demoralize her most vital allies. As the Horde progressed through the Twilight Valethey took down the owls, along with anything standing in their way, such as the Blackwood furbolg.

Third invasion of the Burning Legion Next: The champion and him then infiltrated Ashenvale, and started theirs. As the last defenders rallied, the Horde warhorns sounded from the north.

People love this series for a reason.

Each world quest rewards a random piece from a set of nine pieces of class-specific transmoggable loot:. Both sides tried to push each other away.

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In fact, her original plan was pretty reasonable. Without leadership, their force would crumble. Sylvanas retorted that her scouting party had understimated the wisps as well, and paid the price for doing so. When High Overlord Saurfang arrived and took residence in the Astranaar inn, a night elf rogue named Tavar disguised himself as a Forsaken and tried to lure Saurfang into the open for an ambush.

The Warchief had already taken a scouting party ahead to Darkshore to intercept him.

On a whim, Sylvanas decides to burn down the tree with everyone civilians in it. Players on both sides feel like Blizzard betrayed their trust.