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This bhajan is a prayer asking Bhagawan to give us a vision of Himself. Yes, when you are doing community singing, you have to follow the pattern and the rules but when you are alone you can use it for your own personal sadhana. Voice of west Sikkim. Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s 85th birthday 23 11 I am presently working on tourism promotion song of Kaluk rinchenpong and Sikkim organic Mission Song. No, but it was music that dragged me to Swami’s feet. Quotes of Bhagwan Shree Sathya Sai baba.

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US Devotees visit to PrasanthiNilayam. Music has taken you to so many places including Sai centres.

Sri Ajnish Rai sings Ram Sita Krishna Radha Vitthila Rakhumayi – YouTube

But when you sing alone it ajnish rai sai bhajans take you on a spiritual journey. Still I don’t get any answer. Lets fight against pirated Saii.

He will grant us that vision. From the Form to the Formless – a Hindi song. Please believe in us. Read Post a comment. Then He started tapping His hand to beat and made me sing.


Interview with Vishal Mukhia…. Mitho Delivery Service de livraison de nourriture. What thoughts come to your mind whenever you offer this bhajan to Bhagawan? To get this life and to be happy in this life, we have to be even more grateful. Terms of Use Privacy Policy. Kodai Picnic Jab Koi Baat.

That is how Bhagawan prepares us. After that Puttaparthi could have had so many yoga classes and pranayama classes going on. Tell me what I should do next.

Ajnish Rai – About Us

Par Kuch Kami Hai. Yes and it is always so blissful.

It is already there. When we started this ajbish, you mentioned about Tansen and that he is supposed to have composed the raga Darbari.

That will become such a powerful sadhana and will ultimately liberate us. The Works which we have done bbhajans stays at own place. In His 85 years, He could have easily created so many Ayurvedic colleges and other things here.

Ajnish Rai

Mujhe Darsha Dikhao Bhagawan is such a powerful bhajan. True artist does bhahans get anything from there. We are entreating Bhagawan to tell us something because often engaged in our day-to-day mundane life we tend to get lost; we tend to be in split mind as to what to do or not do. It is still music which always keeps you connected to Swami wherever you are. You have to cut short the turns and twists.



When did you first start singing? A conversation with Sai alumnus Ajnish Rai on how bhajan singing can grant us the vision of the Inner Self and lead us to immortality. Being a local,I feel that we should have Music College of our own state which has got all the facilties in it.

The song you sang was also in this raga. For Feedback, Submission of Articles, or any other queries. On the occasion, woolen clothes, sewing machines and food was distributed ajnish rai sai bhajans the poor.